About Ringlet

History of Ringlet

Stéphanie Demlenne

The founder of Ringlet is Stéphanie Demlenne.


Previously a mid-school teacher at the Berlaymont in Waterloo and the municipal schools of Lasne, she changed her professional orientation to dedicate herself fully to her true passion which are the gemstones and jewelry.


After leaving her former job, she studied for two whole years gemmology at the SRBG (Royal Belgian Society of Gemmology), Diamonds at HRD Antwerp and the creation of jewels with Sophie Gheeraert.

During the process of creating her company, Stéphanie chose to honor the maiden name of her mother… Ringlet. Indeed in addition to honor her family the name includes the word “Ring”. This sign of destiny convinced her to definitely choose this ideal name for her enterprise.


Now that her dream of independant worker has become reality, she devotes herself body and soul to help you select your gemstones and personalised jewels. Her expertise in the gem and jewelry trade as well as her skills as a school teacher, will insure that you be in the best possible hands where patience, pedagogy, expert advices and cheerfulness are always present.

A true passion


Since her childhood, Stéphanie collects stones and is fascinated by the realisation of jewels. For her, jewels are like artworks where the gemstones are highlighted.


As you understand it is a veritable passion for her! Gemstones are a real love story for Stéphanie. She likes to go directly to the source of the gemstones to be directly in contact with these.


Confucius once said “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Stéphanie tells us that she has the chance to never work! Because when she is searching for gemstones or realising your jewels she is in her element.

“I have the chance to have the job of my dreams and do exactly what I love. I am aware that everyone cannot say the same and I am truly grateful.” Stéphanie Demlenne.

Saphir bleu – Thaïlande

On this website, you will find a sample of the gemstones she can provide.